Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is an international organization that is dedicated to applying Buddhist teachings to public issues. BPF was founded in 1978, and now has chapters in 29 states and 11 countries.

The mission of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship is to serve as a catalyst and agent for socially engaged Buddhism. Our aim is to help alleviate suffering that manifests in individuals, relationships, institutions, and social systems. BPF's programs, publications, and practice groups link Buddhist teachings of wisdom and compassion with progressive social change.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship Tampa Bay chapter began meeting in June 2003.

BPF-Tampa Bay is an ecumenical organization. Our members have diverse experiences with social activism and Buddhist practice. We welcome participation by Buddhists of all traditions, and seek to cooperate with other groups that share our goals. Interested non-Buddhists are always welcome.

We share the mission of the national Buddhist Peace Fellowship and are working on specific local projects. We currently have members who are active in local prison meditation projects, and peace and political grassroots movements.

We want to share our collective voice through the practice of spiritual non-violence in words, thoughts and actions. We hope to offer ways that all Buddhists can work together towards common goals, as well as resources for those interested in Buddhist practice, traditions and local groups.

Our Tampa Bay group has adopted a statement of purpose similar to that of the national BPF organization:

Our practice of contemplation and social action is guided by our intentions to:
  • Recognize the interdependence of all beings
  • Meet suffering directly and with compassion
  • Appreciate the importance of not clinging to views and outcomes
  • Work with Buddhists from all traditions
  • Connect individual and social transformation
  • Practice nonviolence
  • Use participatory decision-making techniques
  • Protect and extend human rights
  • Support gender and racial equality, and challenge all forms of unjust discrimination
  • Work for economic justice and the end of poverty
  • Work for a sustainable environment and
  • Work for peace

Our Tampa Bay Chapter was profiled in the Fall 2006 issue of Turning Wheel magazine, published by the Buddhist Peace Fellowhip national organization.

Click here for a draft of the article.

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